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1st and last mile.

There were 2 main reasons why I chose this less popular bike (bickerton).

When I was bike hunting for a foldable, one of my main requirement was to be able to roll smoothly when folded during my transition on trains. The second requirement was that the chain and gear must be hidden in between the chasis so that it will be protected both from damages and accidental stains from the oil chain in case it touches other commuters.

After trying out a number of foldables, I finally settled with bickerton as it gave me to most fluid movement because the wheels are most aligned with each other when folded. This enabled me to steer the bike with little effort.

The sales person suggested that I leave the handlebar up and push like a pram. However, positioning yourself behind the bike restricted the stride of your walking. The best way is still extending the seatpost and push the bike from the left.

With trials and errors, I managed to get the sweet spot (the angle of tilting the bike when rolling) and now pushing the bike inside the train station is a breeze. 😊

Tho there is a trade off between a 16" and a 20" wheel foldable (more bulky), it compensated with having a more comfortable ride when I decide on long journeys on it. 😊

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