Learning To Let Go.

January 8, 2009

I was kinda tired after moving bees for a few days. As I was lying to rest, half asleep, suddenly it dawned on me what my mom told me when I was a very young boy. She told me that she was very upset with my grandma because she wasn’t honest. My grandma used to work for “angmo” in my country. My mom would help out regularly. during laundry time, My grandma would run thru all the pockets to look for loose change which the “Ang Moh” had forgotten. She would then keep them. My mom was different. Whenever she found some, she would returned it to the rightful owner. My grandma chided my mom for being so stupid. Grandma would tell my mom, “These Ang Moh are rich! It does not hurt a bit if they had forgotten to take these loose change”.


The other day I was frustrated over this incident when I accidentally left some money in my pants and by the time I realised, my pants were washed. When I ask my maid regarding my money, she told me she didn’t see any. I was very sure it was in my pants pocket. This incident had made me recall my younger years learning about life from my mom. I realised that this had actually happened to me and I am on the giving end. I simmered down and decided to let it go. I just told myself it was  payback time on behalf for my grandma. 


By the way, “angmo” meant “Red Hair” in my country. I was being called “Muzungu” here and it means, “White Nose”. Same scenario, different generation, reversed role. My mom had shown me poverty does not mean losing one’s honesty and integrity.

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