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Home Sweet Home.

Looking out of the window of the plane makes me feel so good. Knowing that after 4 years, I am heading home to see my family. I had never missed mom so much after all these years.

From the way she described my nieces and nephews, they had all grown up. Time and tide waits for no man. I see a totally different woman now. Once a strong, sturdy grand mother that could carry 2 young grand children, one on each arm, had become a small wrinkled tired old lady.

Lately her health had not been good. I felt so much at ease when I saw here gleaming so brightly when she saw me. Absence really makes a heart grow fonder.

Sitting alone in the room now, slowing down for a while to catch my breath after moving in the fast lane for so long. It really feels good. Listening to FM90.5. All the oldies but goodies does bring back fond memories. How my parents struggled to make ends meet to feed their 8 children.

As I am writing this,”Blue Moon” aired softly over the radio. This song was from the movie “Grease”, 1978. I went on a first date to watch this movie.

Had not had these kind of feeling for quite sometime. Coming back to Singapore for a change of environment helps me to relax and to sharpen my thoughts again before I start my next journey. I know this trip will definitely recharge my energy. Wondered where were all my childhood friends now. I really wondered. :*