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In The Still Of The Night.

Electricity just went off and I could hear the thunder rolling from a distance. Woke up to close the windows before the rain got in. It’s going to be a heavy one. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to pen down some thoughts.

Had my camera close by and it diverted my attention. I began toying around with it for a while. I had not really meddle with most of the function since I bought it beginning of this year.

Wanted my picture to look retro. Took a snap at my beside table using the black and white mode. The burning kerosene lamp brought out the “60’s feeling”. Turned out to be nice and cool.

The stillness of the night, the sound of the rolling thunder from afar, the chilly air that slowly seeped into the room and the warm glow from the lamp reminded me when we used to visit our grand mother when we were young. The house was big with 2 bedrooms during that time for we were staying in a flat that only had a curtain to divide our bedroom from the living room.

Although I don’t really know my granny much, somehow that tough lady kind of impression lingered on my mind. She passed on many years ago and I heard she went while sleeping peacefully without waking up. I think this is one of the best way to leave the world……peacefully without any pain or suffering. I believed she had lived a wonderful life having so many children and grand-children.

I guessed during that time, most women had this heavy responsibility of procreation. More importantly producing male off springs.

I could recalled vividly that I saw a picture of my proud granny holding my eldest brother showing off his precious little “bird”. My brother was the first male grandson for our generation. Can’t imagine it took place nearly 50 years ago. Where did all the time went?

Come to think of it, life just rushed by all these years. I only picked up bits and pieces of memories here and there. Most of it were left behind when I came here.

Tomorrow, it is going be a beautiful day :).

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