Bee Sting And Apitherapy.

April 16, 2011

Ever wonder what actually happened when a honey bee stings you? The bee stinger is barbed. Just like a fishing hook, it will lodge its sting under your skin. When she tries to get away from you, the whole venom segment of the body will tore away from her body, causing instant death. The venom sac muscles will continue to pump the venom into your body.


Many researcher and scientist are using bee venom as an alternative to cure arthritis and tendonitis. The venom is administered through injection or through bee sting. If the bee sting is used, the apitherapy practitioner will place bees on the skin, typically close to the joints, muscle or other body parts that are having problems.


Somehow I am not in favour of this practice. It is destroying and killing the bees for the benefit of mankind. In order to relieve human suffering, the bees became the victims.


Well this argument can be rebutted again in the name of science. Hopefully we can look into alternative cure.



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