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B.E.S.T. Program In Malaysia.

Honeybees has always been treated as enemy or pest when it gets into a home. Things are changing. With proper education and sensitization, we can actually live harmoniously together with them.

Mr. Zolkaflil Aris had a colony of apis cerana nesting in his letter box for almost a year now. Being an animal lover, he was reluctant to have them destroyed. He was pondering how he can keep them.

When I arrived at his residence in Damansara, I saw urbanization had destroyed many natural habitat for these little ladies. I believed if they had their choices, they would not want to interfere with us humans. But with the fast pace of urbanization and deforestation to make way for our development, their natural habitat were somehow encroached.

I showed Mr. Aris how he can convert his letterbox into a comfortable home for these honeybees and learn how to live with them. In return, this new hobby of his will be rewarding. For the effort in looking after them, they will provide a regular flow of honey for his family.

This idea had created a win win situation for all. Instead of killing them, with proper knowledge instilled, human and insect can live harmoniously together.

After going through the process a few times, He felt that honeybees were not as dangerous as one always looked at them if there understood their needs and wants. Getting defensive is just part of nature’s way in protecting themselves. If they were handled with tender loving care, they make good house pets.

Before we part, his wisdom made me see a new angle in having them as pets. He said,” Whenever people go on holidays, they tend to worry about their pets; where they could put them, who could feed them, will they be stressed if they don’t come back soon. But as for honeybees being so independent, pet owners do not have to worry for them, they find their own food and look after themselves”.

He had bought a new letter box for his normal mails since then. I am glad that I had embarked on a journey that life lessons never end.

B.E.S.T. – Bringing Ecology and Society Together.

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