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My New Hobby.

It all got started when I was just toying with the idea of selling things on Carousell, a site where you can sell both your new or used stuff online in Singapore. As I do have some things which I intend to get rid, this was a good site for me to get rid of my stuff and at the same time claw back some cash.

When my light box came, my iPhone camera died in me. The camera was no longer able to focus. I went online to search for a solution and realised I was not the only one. It is a known issues with iPhones 6 onwards.

I was contemplating whether should I get another iPhone or a professional camera instead. Both have its pros and cons. Somehow more advantages were directed towards the iPhone.

After attending Church today, my sister, Mun, place was just a few stops ahead. Might as well have lunch with her if she is around. Had not seen her for some time.

I was talking about the idea of getting a camera, she told me she had a camera which was used by Tara, her daughter in her primary school days. She as in the photography club then. She said she can let me try first before I went ahead to get one. It as a good idea indeed since I am no professional and a beginner one would serve me well for now. Secondly I can then decide which direction I want to go.

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