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Clearing The Myth.

Every now and then, you will come across someone telling you not to use metal spoon for honey.

Did you know that when we process honey, we must adhere to high quality standard where our settling tank, storage tanks, filtering tank and filling machine must be food grade stainless steel?

Even the spatulas that we use to test honey at the University is made of stainless steel.

I do not know how did the "no metal spoon" came about. Although honey is acidic but the amount of time spent on a spoon may be less than 10 seconds. How will this affect the quality of the honey? What about honey settling in a tank for weeks before bottling?

This myth only happened around the region of Singapore, Malaysia and some other parts of S. E. Asia. In Europe, they have never heard of such things. They simply laugh it off with the word, "Why?"

Statistically, average European consume 1.9kg per year. For Asians, the average consumption is 0.6kg per year.

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