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Studies On Honeybee Behaviour In Chiangmai, Thailand.

While I was doing my studies on honeybees in Thailand, I met Professor Michael Burgett from USA. He has keen interest on honeybees in Thailand and we exchanged notes.

They are trying to promote beekeeping with the indigenous species instead of the hybrids.

With the introduction of api meliferra, the honey industry had grown from. However there is this concern whether the indigenous species would be affected in any way by this introduction.

Research was conducted on api cerana to understand the current status of this species.

Most of the cerana are still kept traditionally in tree trucks. I am very familiar with this method of keeping bees because other than keeping in top bar or langstroth, I do keep bees the traditional way in Africa too.

My interest of beekeeping in Asia is growing. The bees over here are much more docile and easier to work with compared to their distant cousins, the African honeybees.

Come next year, I will develop a few apiaries to begin my beekeeping journey closer to home.