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As The Curtain Rises.

After a week of familiarising with the equipment and calibrating the autofilling machine, The show began.

Last week saw the arrival of the first batch of honey in jerrycans and buckets. All these are directly from the farm.

The filling machine is fantastically fast after calibration. I was going at half the speed because I still need time to get used to it.

The arrival of my various batches of honey were scheduled at a comfortable interval so that I can spread my workload and enjoy the pace.

The process was fast and swift. In no time the first batch was ready to leave the refinery.

3000 jars were already reserved and sold. Gave myself a pat on the shoulder after completing the first run.

There will be a total of 12 different floral, I have to dissemble the machine to clean by end of the day in order to have it ready for the next floral the following day.

The day has finally come where you know where your honey is coming from exactly. No more worries about fake or adulterated honey. You get the very best!

If you love your job, you don't have to work a single day in your life - Confucius.

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