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Long Lost Simplicity Way Of Life.

It had been a long time you don't see children doing what they were supposed to do.......running around, fishing and enjoying the outdoor life instead of straining their necks, staring down at their smartphones 24/7. I don't find it any smarter doing that.

I happened to spot these kids while walking on a bridge above at Clementi. They were too engrossed to notice me taking a shot at them. They reminded me of my younger days, where we would play truant and headed to Changi beach to catch fishes.

Technology can be a double edge sword. It can speed up and improve our productivity yet at the same time retards our interaction with nature and creativity.

I adopted a primary school in Uganda. There were no modern playgrounds or computers for them to indulge in. Yet, with their creativity and their simplicity way of life, they improvised whatever they can get hold of and made the best use out of it.

There were no KFC or McDonalds. Their daily meals consist of millet and posho (maize flour). They were happy with what they have.

The only most advanced equipment on their playground was this swing. Every kid would queue up for it and only allowed to be on it for 5 minutes.

Kids in Singapore are so blessed. Count your blessings.

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