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Oh My Sole.

The afternoon ray pierced thru the broken canvas, falling upon his greying hair. Tiny glitters of perspiration can be seen on his face while he was sanding down the bottom of my shoe.

Got myself some time off from work to get my shoes re-soled. I ended up at Chinatown where Joo mentioned where I can get a cobbler. That street was lined up with many cobblers. Living in Africa had made me a more eco-friendly person. I will try my best to recycle whenever I can.

Took this opportunity to start a conversation with him. A mild mannered guy with lots life lessons. Had been a cobbler for more than 3 decades. He may seems disorganised but whenever a customer returns and ask about their shoes, he can zoomed in and picked up the exact pair among the pile of finished work. There was a steady stream of customers coming back for their shoes when I sat there waiting for him to complete mine. I asked him why didn't he get an understudy since his work was so much in demand.

He lifted up his head slowly and looked at me above his reading glasses and said, "Did you see that cobbler having a stall directly in front of me? He was my student". He looked down and continued with my shoe. This sentence explained everything.

All he could do was enough to make him happy. In life, its not about how much you have, but how little you need.

Another life lesson, from a least expected teacher coming from a sunset industry. He had given me new soles.

Bless the lord, Oh my sole!

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