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Memories Were Made Of These.

Life in Uganda was more exciting and fun compared to Rwanda. We had so many activities and the community was warm and friendly.

When we went over to Rwanda in 2012, we did not have much friends. Everyone kept to themselves and the atmosphere was not as friendly as in Uganda.

One memorable activity we had was supplying our honey to the biggest supermarket in Uganda, Shoprite. We enjoyed working with them and they were very good pay master. We had a steady income from them.

Our honey was well sought after. Our packaging was one of the best. Most of the honey were packed in plastic jars. Ours were in glass jars and that made a difference in perceive values. Packaging played a very important role in our marketing strategies.

I missed our good old days when life was simple and happy go lucky. Looking back, I am not sure was it a right move to relocate to Rwanda. I don't really have much good memories of Rwanda. Only heartaches.

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