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Happy Farm With Alex.

I had a relaxing weekend at Pulai Spring Resort. Decided to stay there because it is close to where my main objective was, and that is to work on the colony of stingless bees at Alex's farm.

Took a bus on Friday afternoon from Kranji station and enjoyed the ride and queue at CIQ. The slow moving pace doesn't affect me at all as I had all the time in the world. No stress.

I had dinner with Alex on the same evening and headed to his farm the following morning. He was busy manning his store, so I went to do some preparation with the colony on my own.

Usually when a colony had not been managed for some time, then tend to be more defensive. Although they are called "Stingless", when provoked they will still bite. No matter what, you still need to calm them.

This colony do have a bad temper but nothing beats the tempermental behaviour of the African species. The species that Alex has are the Lepidotrigona terminata.

Always feels good whenever I have the opportunity to play with them. :)

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