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Be Prudent When Riding With Uber.

As I get older, I become more prudent with my spending.

Yesterday, I called Uber for a ride. The price was reflected at $13.36 and it was charged onto my card. This morning I checked my account and discovered that the amount came up to be $14.45. I went into my Uber account and realised that they deducted another $1.09 from my card without my permission.

I sent an email to them telling them I was upset with the deduction because they just simply deduct from my card without my permission.

This was their reply.

I was appalled to read what they wrote. If the driver is at the wrong location and pressed "Arrived", I would be charged for the 3 minutes waiting time even I was already waiting at the correct location as stipulated.

I cannot imagine how much extra money would be taken away from the public if we are not prudent with their deduction. It may seems negligible, ($1.09) but accumulative, it will be a lot. You may find me being calculative but it was the principle of behind the transaction. This shows that our security can be breached easily.

Anyway, I have cancelled my card payment method and I will only use cash in future.

It's too dangerous to allow them to charge onto our cards as and when they deem fit. You lose control over the deductions.

Very dangerous.

Updates - 29/12/17

I called DBS bank and they told me Uber has the right to charge extra without seeking permission from cardholder since cardholders have given Uber all the card details. If the transaction is process overseas, Uber will charge extra, local banks will also charge extra. So be careful when you use your card with Uber.

So its more than meets the eye. Even when I book an uber with the app in Singapore, the booking can be arrange from overseas. For my case the booking was handled in Netherlands. According to DBS, that extra was actually bank charges incurred because my booking was done in Netherlands. Things may seems simple but in fact it's getting more complicated. Both bank and Uber will charge us.

I have deleted my account with Uber. I think I will stick to the traditional way of taxis transport and pay by cash from now.

Not all advance technology is good for us. I stay a simple man with a simple life. :)

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