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Class Of 1978...40 Years On!

Catching spiders along the railway track, camping at Pulau Tekong every school holidays, skipping classes just to play music.

Our friendship started in 1974 when we entered secondary school. We were all in the band and music brought us together. We had our glorious moments when we were awarded the top three school bands in Singapore. We tasted success but success comes with lots of sweat and tears. We trained under the sun for hours and hours but it was worth it, every moment of it.

Adrian was the cameraman. We had this picture taken at Pulau Tekong.

I never recalled did we ever sat and shared what we wanted to be when we grow up. The next thing I knew, we are already grown up, having families of our own. Time and tide waits for no man.

It was kind of difficult to get all of us together but this year, we finally managed to make it, all 5 of us including our extended family.

40 years had past. Our journey has left us with so many beautiful memories.

Looking forward to our next gathering.