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Strangers No More.

Just completed a two weeks part time night course. Never in my life would I envisioned myself going back to school.....never. But the feeling was good. :)

I was blessed with a class of beautiful people. All willing to share. Not forgetting a lecturer that live and breathe his lecture notes!

Everyone enjoying the class moderated by a passionate lecturer.

Women Power!

The most shy group.

Our class version of Big 4 heavenly Queens.

Poetry in motion.

Deep in thoughts? You sure?

Wah, damn serious............

Mission accomplished!

For the last 16 years, in my training, I had to face a sea of Africans with beautiful smiles but during my assessment presentation, it was refreshing because not only I see beautiful smiles, I saw pretty faces. :)

There are no strangers in our lives, it's only friends that we have not met yet!

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