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A Thousand Mile Journey.....

.......starts with a single step.

Last December, Anthony flew into Singapore to meet me as he heard about my return.

He is a Vietnamese but left for Canada many years ago. He is returning to his village now to give support by developing a honey enterprise to raise the income level for the people. As the title said, we are now at the first step of the journey.

In order to start a commercially viable social enterprise, logistic is paramount. The first thing we need to do is to clear land for transportation. For the last two months, men were deployed to make a proper road for us to get to the villages. This reminded me when I was in Uganda in 2000. A history that I enjoy repeating.

The final destination will be this paradise for bees. We are going to set up a beekeeping training centre for the villagers around to embark on professional beekeeping and to raise their income level.

I can see this will be my most exciting challenge of all throughout my journey in beekeeping because I am closer to home.

Tough times never last, tough people do.

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