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Home For Singapore Beekeepers Club.

After searching and wandering for a year to find a home for the club, we have finally found a promising location in Malaysia. We hope we can call this place our home for the Singapore Beekeepers Club.

Nothing concrete yet but even the ten thousand journey, we have to start with the first step. Our first mission is to set up a trial apiary. Hopefully the place is suitable for a bee farm where those who are serious about being a beekeeper have their own bee hives, learn how to keep bees and harvest their own honey. Yesterday, with the help of Alex, (Malalysia Indiana Jones), hahahaha, helped me to deploy the first catcher box for the trial. More will follow suit in the next few months.

Alex loading the hive on his pick up.

A sneak previews of the intended location. Accommodation is under construction.

Deployment of catcher box.

Nothing is more satisfying and enjoyable than going back into the woods.

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