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FastFast, Another Successful Delivery.

I had been using this courier service for almost 2 years now. So far they have not failed me in the delivery. It's called FastFast Courier Service.

I almost forgot what was the meaning of fast services after staying so long in Africa. Even though Kigali City is small, you may end up waiting for your parcel to arrive a few days late, that if it arrived. :P

FastFast courier always had my parcel delivered within 90 mins. Today I got them to deliver a 13kg vacuum cleaner and the door bell rang before I knew it. Right in front of the door was my vacuum cleaner. Amazing how fast FastFast courier works!

The cost of hiring a taxi to pick it up myself would be more expensive compared to getting them to handle the delivery. Even with such a bulky item, they can deliver without a hitch. They really saved me time and money.

Above all, FastFast courier is a social enterprise. It provides additional work opportunities for those who needed it. Their mission is as followed;

"Our innovative platform locates drivers who are near you to make sure that your package is collected earlier and sent faster. However, FastFast is more than just a delivery platform! We firmly believe in giving back to the society and we are providing community assistance to those in need.

We are connected to countless of drivers and rider that are out of work and looking for an opportunity or additional income. Just like FastFast, our drivers possess an inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and are motivated to go the extra mile to make other people’s lives easier.

We are proud to offer an opportunity to those who need a helping hand by providing them with our platform to be their own boss."

If you are looking for a courier service to attend to your needs, look no further. Go visit their website to learn more about them.

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