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Goodbye Ants.

Had been raining the last few weeks and it's kinda difficult to get rid of the ants. Engaged a pest controller to terminate the colony with no success. Paid $120 for a few drops of poison and after two sessions and three weeks, they were still around. They told me it will take a week or so before I can see any results. Doesn't seems to be that way. They were still here. Then all their reasonings or excuses started coming in. They suggested it could be the rain washing off the poison.

Not sure whether the reasonings were valid or the whole thing was a scam. Cannot imagine a few tiny drops will do the trick. Managed to get the pest controller to give me some of the poison and let me do it myself when the weather gets dryer. Initially they told me the poison was a controlled item because of its toxicity. After raising a bit of my concern and voice, :P, they decided to let me have some.

This time I could see they are gathering around the poison and enjoying the feast. Lets see how things go. Hopefully this time round, it works.

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