Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

July 22, 2018

Whenever I prepare to leave the house, he knew. He would follow me around, looked me in the eyes, as if asking me, are you leaving me? Soon he would retreat to my room.


Pancake lived a sad life. Although I believed he was doted at the shelter, he was unable to live a life of security and love. End of the day, he knew everyone would leave the shelter and he goes back to his cage, waiting for the new day to dawn. He lived in a world of uncertainty since the day he was born.


Just before I exit from my house , I would quietly sneak back to my room to see what he was doing. Every time, he would stare out of the window and then lay down to sleep, facing the balcony. I imagine this going thru his mind........


Will you come back? Will you still love me tomorrow?









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