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First In Class.

The title sounds good right? Actually I was literally the first to arrive in class for my digital photography class held on 14th and 15th August.

Had been meddling with my DSLR for almost one year now and the thirst for more knowledge was unquenchable. Everywhere I go, I lugged my camera along. Sometimes I think I am crazy.

I came across this course on facebook and decided to use my skillsfuture funds to go for it. The course was enriching. I managed to grasp a few more ideas on how to improve on my photography skill. All the important basic of using a DSLR camera were covered. Any other further skills depend on your own creativity and experience.

Although it was only a 2 days course, but I got to know a bunch of nice people. I am glad for that. We shall be meeting up soon for coffee.

Here are some of the shots taken during class and the photography excursion to the gardens by the bay. There are many types of photography. My favorite is capturing people at decisive moments.

As I move further into this hobby, I was so tempted to buy myself a better camera but my budget wouldn't allow that.

Anyway, how good the results depend on the singer, not the song.

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