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Count Our Blessings, Singapore.

They say life begins at 56! :) Another year past and today is the day I thank all my friends and family for making my life so wonderful. Today I count my blessings once more.

Many do not know how lucky we are and that we are able to do things we wanted to. Many young people have such wonderful parents that they need not have to struggle for anything and everything were placed on a silver platter. Not this child in this video. He has to make a living selling souvenirs and gift items along the beach. Most important of all, he was so talented and passionate, understanding the need for this business, and that is communication.

Although not given a chance like many, he strived to improve himself and to learn different languages in order to sell his products to tourists.

These are the people that deserve a break.

People don't buy product, people buy people.

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