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Graduated from School of Hard Knocks.

Just graduated from School of Hard Knocks (台上一分钟 台下十年功) - It had been an educational trip. From frustration of being ridiculed by local bike shop owners for having zero knowledge on how a bike works to not being able to get help from them. Many showed their arrogance as the bike industry was booming because of the pandemic.

Determined not to rely on these local bike shops, I went on the journey on how to facelift, fixed my own repairs and tuning. Youtube was my teacher. Now I know how to repair and change parts that would wear down eventually. My bike was my training tool. I would also like to thanks my new found friend, Heiqal Hashim for assisting me with the installation of crankset. There are no strangers in my life, only friends that I have not met yet.

Enough of learning and facelift, if not it would never end. I shall be moving on to my next beekeeping adventure crusade soon and shall also take Mr. Bickerton along with this life experience.

Presenting to you, Mr. Bickerton.

This first picture is the original bike without facelift. The rest were facelifted.

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